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Woodland Valley’s Green Gauge

At Woodland Valley, accredited Gold status from the Green Tourism Business Scheme, we recognise that everything we do has an effect on the local, regional and global environment. As a result we are committed to continuous improvements in environmental performance and pollution prevention. In short, we are thinking of today with tomorrow in mind. The following criteria demonstrate the ethical and environmental guidelines we work to.

Local and Sustainable Food

In addition to growing our own produce, we also source seasonal, local and organic produce.

Water Conservation

We use water efficient appliances, collect rainwater, utilise grey water and have our own water supply.

Sustainable Materials

We used renewable and recycled materials to restore our beautiful farm buildings.

Sustainable Transport

We encourage our guests to car share or substitute car travel with mini buses and coaches.

Carbon Reduction

We strive to be energy efficient; we have Photovoltaic (PV) Panels fitted to our buildings, we buy energy through a ‘green’ tariff, use energy efficient light bulbs and our buildings are well insulated.

Culture & Heritage

We offer our guests farm walks that include meeting the farm’s animals, learning about organic farming as well as experiencing the ancient woodlands, ponds, streams and wetland flora and fauna.

Diversity and Fair Trade

We pay a fair wage, offer equal opportunity to all and support fair trade here and abroad.

Ethical Finance

We are passionate about helping charities raise money and we do this in various ways for a number of charities.

Waste Reduction

We recycle paper, cans and glass, ink cartridges, compost waste; re-use as much as we can, for example plastic bags, cardboard boxes, packaging, fabrics; reduce junk mail, print double sided, avoid disposable items; buy recycled office materials, refuse sacks.

Corporate Policy

We have a written and enforced policy on all of the above areas, see Our World.