Why Grass-Fed is Best?

Our cows eat exactly what they’re designed to eat…. grass! Our animals are free to roam fields of organic grass and herbs, down in Cornwall.

They graze and browse the grass and hedges, enjoying a completely natural diet. We don’t use fertilisers or pesticides; just rely on the nutrition in the soil to make the grass grow, supplemented only by the clovers and wild flowers that grow among the grasses.

Grass-fed livestock and nothing else!

Herb-Filled Pastures

Herbs planted amongst the grasses allow the animals to self-medicate, meaning that we rarely have to intervene with antibiotics and supplements. Because their diet is so healthy, their meat is too. Grass-fed meat is higher in omega 3 and CLA (another healthy fat) than their grain-fed counterparts. Their meat and milk is also higher in vitamin E because of their constant access to grass, so not only are the animals healthy, but you can be too!


We farm sustainably, never depleting the soil of its nutrients, and we take care to produce our organic beef slowly. This gives wonderful depth of flavour and good marbling… delicious! The meat you buy from us has had the most natural life possible, so you can be content that the beef you enjoy is sustainable, ethical, natural and healthy just as nature intended.  We use local organically certified abattoirs to ensure minimum stress and damage to the animals, as well as reducing food miles.