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The Organic Farm

Our family have been farming the 170 acres at Woodland Valley since 1960.  Since Chris took over the farm in 1990, he has overseen the transition from conventional to regenerative farming.  

We manage the farm using the principles of organic farming and are certified with the Soil Association as well as being founder members of The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association (PFLA) and taken steps beyond this.  Most recently we have implemented the practice of Silvo pasture, to create shade and shelter for our cattle.  

Over 26 acres of the farm are made up of streams, ponds and wetland devoted to wildlife with several rare bird’s present including the Willow Tit, one of the UK’s fastest declining birds.  

Our Cattle

We have a cattle herd of 90 animals with 48 suckler cows expected to calve next year taking our herd to nearly 120. Woodland Valley specialise in Aberdeen Angus,…

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Our Wildlife

Here at Woodland Valley the woodlands, hedges, and meadows are as much a haven for wildlife as they have ever been. Working in partnership with…

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Why Grass-Fed is Best?

Our cows eat exactly what they’re designed to eat…. grass! Our animals are free to roam fields of organic grass and herbs, down in Cornwall. They…

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