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Friends of Woodland Valley

We hope that you have discovered what you wanted to know from these pages. However, if there is something else you need, please use the following links to some of our friends.

Woodland Valley You Tube Channel

All current clips taken at woodland valley can be found here!

Pasture-Fed Livestock Association

The Pasture-Fed Livestock Association brings together British farmers committed to producing high quality food in a more natural way.

Cornish Mining World Heritage

The Cornish Mining landscapes are rich with history.  Whether you are interested in the geology of the area, which formed the foundations of the mining industry, the people who made their livings from it, or the huge technological advances it brought about – delve deeper and find out more.

Natural Bush Craft

Natural Bushcraft is a personal project aiming to provide a free bushcraft resource available to everyone.

Agrarian Renaissance

Agrarian Renaissance aim to positively impact rural areas by creating replicable enterprise models and a recognisable umbrella brand for farmers and rural entrepreneurs. They see the opportunity for small and medium sized farms to be multi-faceted rural hubs with sustainable food production, direct distribution and farms redefined as places to produce food and services.

The Eden Project

The Eden Project Educational Department have been working closely with us during the development of the countryside classroom

Newquay Zoo

Experience the wildlife with over 130 different species set in lush sub-tropical lakeside gardens. From the amazing open rainforest exhibit to the beautiful oriental garden there is something for all ages and abilities. Plenty to keep your children occupied with the Tarzan trail, children’s play area, animal encounters, face painting and much more.

Transition Network

It all starts off when a small collection of motivated individuals within a community come together with a shared concern: how can our community respond to the challenges, and opportunities, of Peak Oil and Climate Change?

Transition Ladock and Grampound Road

Information about the Ladock and Grampound Road’s Transition group.

Low Carbon Ladock

Could Ladock become a self-sustaining energy parish of the future?

Cornwall Wildlife Trust

Cornwall Wildlife Trust has been most helpful with advice on environmental management and we are also recording species for the Environmental Records Centre Cornwall and Isles of Scilly


CoaST runs a whole heap of programmes. We list a few here…and every one contributes to the one planet tourism Network – feeding it with fabulous facts and extraordinary ideas.

Cornwall Sustainable Building Trust

Will be running courses in a variety of building skills at Woodland Valley through the year.

Footsteps of Discovery

Footsteps of Discovery run basic, advanced and families’ survival courses, along with team building and decision making events for our corporate clients.

Agrarian Renaissance

We aim to positively impact rural areas by creating replicable enterprise models and a recognisable umbrella brand for farmers and rural entrepreneurs.

Climate Friendly Food Lovers

Join the Climate Friendly Food Lovers informal group if you would like to see more sustainable food choices at your local cafeteria

Roseland Observatory

The observatory was started by Clive Purchase in 1998 to prepare for the Cornish eclipse. It was established at the Roseland Community School and he had an array of half a dozen large telescopes, including a four-inch Coheilostat for the study of the Sun.

SRStudio Design

SRStudio has been very helpful with development and production of our corporate look and logos and have been a great supporter of our project.