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The Circle of Life – April Update

Well, so much has been going I don’t know where to start…

On the farm

Livestock out to grass at Woodland Valley

Livestock out to grass at Woodland Valley

Firstly, calving has been going well, 21 born so far including two sets of twins. Although we had one assisted calving where the calf was dead and one abortion at about seven months.  We still have 14 cows remaining to calve. We have had 6 piglets born (a pretty small litter really) plus several lambs and two kids.

All the animals are now out at grass and both the livestock and grass supply are looking good.

Schools on the farm

We have just said goodbye to Dr Joolz Durkin of St Richards College from Bexhill on Sea and her group of 32 children and teachers. They had a very buy time which included visiting Eden, surfing,  survival sessions with Hammy of Footsteps of Discovery, a BBQ and lots more.

One of the highlights was cooking pizza in our new cob pizza oven, which went really well – somehow they tasted better cooked with a wood fire.

Ladock School’s little ones have been coming up for Forest School, as has the Badger Forest School with Claire Whalley.

Plus we have high hopes that Zelda School get planning permission for another low impact primary school in mid-Cornwall. More about them later I think.

Pinning our Colours on the Mast at Woodland Valley

Pinning our Colours on the Mast at Woodland Valley

Party Politics

Of course this period has been against the background of the election and after a lot of thought and discussion within our family and friends we have decided it is time to come out of the closet and support the Green Party. While I doubt many Greens will end up in parliament this time around it is definitely time to be registering support for them.

The mantra most of the parties bang on with is how the economy is the most important thing that has to considered but the fact is that without the environment being looked after there will be no economy. I really hope that the Green Party get a million votes, and can build on that for the future. And I mean by that our children and grandchildren’s future.

Family News

The Jones Family at Mums Funeral

The Jones Family at Mums Funeral

Finally I have to record the death of my mother, Madeleine, at the age of 88. She had been suffering from Osteo-Arthritis, and lately from a variety of cancers. She was very much compos mentis to the end, and due to the excellent attention of her GP practice, district nurses and carers, she was able to stay at home to die there peacefully on the 31st March.  My sisters Jane and Sue with her at the end. RIP.

February rolls on!

We have had our annual A Level art trip from George Salter Academy in West Brom – they are a group that has visited every year since 2008 so have definitely earned their ‘Frequent Flyer’ award. They started off with an exhibition of their work at the Eden Project, then visit us for a farm walk and an overnight stay. Next day they go down to St Ives and look at the various galleries – Tate Modern, Barbara Hepworth etc, have a walk on the beach and a paddle in the Atlantic followed by a slap up fish and chips lunch. Continue reading