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Stag and Hen Party Activities

We have a great range of outdoor activities for stag and hen groups. Whether you are looking for adrenaline pumping, full on action or a more relaxed stag or hen adventure, we have something for everyone (as long as you want to be outdoors in the beautiful Cornish countryside, of course!)


Stag Parties

All-inclusive value for money stag parties in Cornwall from Woodland Valley!

We arrange everything for you and take the strain so you can enjoy yourself!


Hen Parties

Who can deny the romance and tranquilly of getting back to nature in the beautiful Cornish countryside. It doesn’t need to be all muddy boots and raincoats though, set in the heart of the gorgeous Cornish countryside Woodland Valley farm offers activities for the intrepid adventurer as well as those that prefer a bit of luxury.


Arranging a Stag or Hen Party Weekend – No pressure!

Is it you who have been given that unenviable task of arranging your best mate’s stag or hen weekend, night or party? Well don’t worry you’ve come to the right place! Let us know the activities you would like to have a go at and we will do the rest. 

For our stag and hen parties we can use our farmland and woodlands as our adventure playground. We offer great outdoor adventure activity weekends, with activities including wild food workshops, wild camping, survival skills and sustainable building. There are a multitude of activities available in the surrounding area, including rock climbing, surfing, sailing and scuba diving that we can arrange.


Wild food workshop

Wild food foraging

Wild food foraging

A one-day workshop including foraging, identifying preparing and cooking wild food. Enjoy a walk through the ‘wild’ parts of Woodland Valley and discover the abundance of wild food growing all around us.

Find out about edible plants; their many health benefits, easy recipes, medicinal and historical uses. Walks are a mix of practical information, entertaining stories, inspiring ideas and are adapted to each season. Walks can be arranged from 1½ to 3 hours long and can be adapted to people’s interests. Suitable for adults and children.


Relaxation Sessions

Amidst the busyness of life…. an opportunity to learn and practice some simple techniques for calming the mind, relaxing the body, and improving your health and well-being. Sessions involve body-awareness, gentle movement, breath-work and ‘mindfulness’ practices. Great as a ‘time-out’ activity or a perfect way to start or end your day. Sessions are available for groups or individuals and are 1 or 1½ hours.


Wild camping

Simply camping in the woods with a hammock, a poncho and a guide. Who is scared of the dark?


Survival Skills

This covers a whole range of activities and lessons; it can be run as a half-day workshop, a day course, a weekend or even several days (up to a fortnight in duration). The basic activities would include finding and dealing with food, water, fire, shelter, first aid, self-rescue, rescue and situational awareness. Clearly the depth each subject will be gone into will depend on the length of time available. By the same token, if you just want to know about self-rescue for example, a day or half day could be designed just around that subject. This whole area is great fun, with excellent instructors.


Sustainable Building

Straw bale, cob, wattle and daub, composting toilets, all sorts.


Clay Pigeon Shooting

Shooting practice at Woodland Valley

Clay Pigeon Shooting at Woodland Valley

Ever fancied getting your hands on a shotgun, setting your sights down the shiny double barrel and scratching that itchy trigger finger of yours?

The very sociable set up of the shoot, with various locations round Woodland Valley, means that there will be plenty of opportunity to comment, critique and even applaud your fellow competitors attempts, so it’s a particularly superb activity for drawing together groups where not everyone knows each other that well. By the end of the shoot, you will all be bonding over the evening’s activities and discussing your sharp-eyed skills, or indeed lack of them. Clays is also a great leveler, so it’s perfect for groups where some are not the most active.


Blindfold Driving

Blindfold Tractor Driving is a hilarious stag and hen activity that requires skill, teamwork, communication and possibly, patience!

Each team member will take it in turns to try and drive a tractor round a course that has been set out with markers. All you have to do is drive the tractor round the course without touching the markers. It sounds easy doesn’t it? Trouble is that you are blindfolded and out of your comfort zone. While you are driving, you have to rely on your team members to navigate you round the course. This activity is great fun – it’s amazing how quickly you can forget right and left!


Nightlife for your Stag Night

We realise it‘s not just the daytime activity that makes a stag and hen party weekend it’s also the nightlife. That is why we offer a range of nightlife entertainment to ensure you have a memorable and unforgettable party. Enjoy an evening around the campfire, a curry in Truro or even sample the delights of the nightlife in Newquay.


To discuss options for your party or to book please call Chris on 01726 884127 or complete our Enquiry Form now.