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Raft Building

Excite your young people with a raft building experience


Our Raft Building days are great for team challenges and bring your young people together in a new and exciting way.

Team members learn to work together, discover new skills such as tying knots and paddling. For younger groups our instructors will supervise the building of a raft that will float! For older groups there is the freedom to design rafts limited only by their imagination.

Points are awarded for originality and seaworthiness and the team’s race each other around a course to check out whose design and team working wins the day!

For larger numbers please ask for a quote. Food can be provided to suit your needs at an extra cost. Contact me to discuss options and a quote.

Overnight option

After a day on the water we continue to test your ability to work together, communicate and think fast with a range of mental puzzles and team challenges including Balloon Towers, Untangle and Lead the Herd designed to test your problem solving skills!

To discuss options and obtain a quote please call Chris on 01726 884127 or complete our Enquiry Form now.


Option Cost
Daytime (based on 30 people) From £12.00* per person
Overnight (based on 30 people and full board) From £45.00* per person

*Plus VAT