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Our Pigs

Bella & her piglets

Bella & her piglets

Our Middle White sow, Bella and her piglets enjoy a wonderful woodland lifestyle, foraging around the trees and pushing up the roots with their snouts as well as being fed Barley and Peas. During the winter they come indoors as they prefer to be in warm housing.


The Boar

We use a Large Black boar, Britain’s only all-black pig, to mate with Bella. Large Black’s are an extremely passive and resilient breed, ideal for a wide range of climates. They are also celebrated for their succulent taste and superb eating quality.


Glorious Mud

We ensure that our pigs have mud to wallow in. They have a physiological and psychological need for it, including allowing them to cool down; natural control of lice and parasites; keeps their skin in good condition as well as giving them an immeasurable sense of joy and contentment.


Sausages made at Woodland Valley

Sausages made at Woodland Valley

Our delicious organic pork, sausages, hog’s pudding, ham and bacon are available to buy from the local markets that we attend.