October – What’s happening…

Our bull (Bisto) will be housed away from the Cows later in the month as he has been out with them all summer – those not getting pregnant probably won’t.

We will be gathering firewood to fill our new woodshed before the winter sets in – this is an ongoing task as the farmhouse is completely wood fuelled for cooking, heat and hot water, and we use 6-8 tonnes annually.

We will be doing some hedge laying along our boundary hedges, again this is an ongoing operation. It is especially hard work as so much of our hedges are dominated by thorn trees which are tricky customers to lay and however thick the gloves you use you still end up getting prickled fingers.

Weddings are over with now for the year but we do have some school visits coming up, and a weekend with Bristol Uni’s Engineers without Borders group – we will be running a weekend workshop with them building some back yard methane digesters.

And finally we will be praying for some rain – we have reseeded 15 acres of grazing field and haven’t had a drop since we did it!

Cheers Chris