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Kernowgam – Gamelan for Cornwall

Uniting your young people through music


One-off Workshops

A Gamelan (pronounced Gah-Meh-Lahn) is a set of percussion instruments from Indonesia. At Woodland Valley we have a small Gamelan from Bali, which was specially commissioned for Cornwall and is available for workshops.

We can accommodate up to twenty adults at a time and participants will learn about the instruments and their background and try their hand at a simple Balinese piece. The sessions are great fun and promote listening and concentration skills as well as teambuilding.


Gamelan Two-Day Workshops

For a fuller introduction to the Gamelan, weekend workshops are available. Come and stay at the beautiful Woodland Valley centre and in between exploring the lovely countryside, learn more about the Gamelan and develop your playing techniques. There is always another part to learn, a more complex and challenging pattern to master and when you’ve had enough of music, you can try your hand at dancing, or puppeteering!

These weekends cater for between 10 and 20 individuals of any age, although young children might find it tiring over the longer periods and the recommended minimum age would usually be 10.


To discuss options and obtain a quote please call Chris on 01726 884127 or complete our Enquiry Form now.


Option Cost
Daytime (based on 30 people) From £10.00* per person
Overnight (based on 30 people and full board) From £45.00* per person

*Plus VAT