February rolls on!

We have had our annual A Level art trip from George Salter Academy in West Brom – they are a group that has visited every year since 2008 so have definitely earned their ‘Frequent Flyer’ award. They started off with an exhibition of their work at the Eden Project, then visit us for a farm walk and an overnight stay. Next day they go down to St Ives and look at the various galleries – Tate Modern, Barbara Hepworth etc, have a walk on the beach and a paddle in the Atlantic followed by a slap up fish and chips lunch.

February also is the time of year for our annual TB test and once again have come through with a clean bill of health!  This is always a stressful time for us as all our neighbours have gone down at some time or other with TB but touch wood we have never had the disease here. I would love to know why as we don’t do anything special here to avoid it – it could be something to do with our badgers being a particularly healthy and strong crew and able to exclude all others (badgers are very territorial).

Fat Cow (the one on the right) with Rebecca

Fat Cow (the one on the right) with Rebecca

On the subject of cattle we have had one of our older cows who rejoices in the name of ‘Fat Cow’ (her mother was ‘Fattie’ and grandmother was ‘Fatso’) get an infected leg. This resulted when the growing pigs escaped from their pen and got amongst the cows in their covered yard. Chaos ensued and the cows stampeded around their yard and Fat Cow managed to catch her leg on the corner of a wall and cut it. Long and short of it was a few days rest in isolation and penicillin which has got her back in good shape).

Meantime we have been having discussions with Zelda School of Gweek about opening a sister school here. You can see some of the inspirational work they are doing here at Zelda School.

We are hoping that they can get settled here at Woodland Valley very soon!