Christmas is coming…

Well we managed to miss November altogether. We did manage to have a fun Guy Fawkes night lubricated with mulled cider – the first of this years product and very tasty it was. We also hosted four school residential visits, the furthest afield being from Inverness.

On the farm, we have now got all the cattle indoors and are well into our winter routine of feeding and bedding up. We had a visit from an EBLEX (English Beef and Lamb Executive – doncha just love acronyms) producer group of livestock farmers looking at our herbal pastures on the 9th December, led by Luppo Diepenbrook. I think they were reasonably impressed by the stock and the pasture was looking good which is the plus side of a dry Autumn.

We have pretty good stocks of hay but it is going down now at a rate of knots – lots of hungry mouths.

Meantime we have been making mulled cider for sale at local markets as well as lots of sausages and ham ready for Christmas. I can’t wait for a day off to enjoy some of it!

The following is video was taken recently, we are 2 minutes 10 seconds from the start.

Have a lovely Christmas and New Year!